Vehicle Tracking / Fleet Management


Fleet owners need to reduce operating costs and increase productivity to survive in today’s competitive landscape. HAWK-i provides a cost-effective and reliable communications link to track vehicle location, reduce fuel costs, optimize travel routes, monitor driver behavior, minimize idle times and ensure cargo and driver security.
HAWK-i fleet management software and mobile app, gives mobility providers the ability to connect, configure, control, and optimize their fleet quickly and easily all from one interface. Additionally, it allows for remote updates, over-the-air vehicle troubleshooting, analyzing fleet status, and managing vehicle maintenance across cities.


Nationwide Tracking

Nationwide Recovery Assistance

24x7 Call Center Support

Battery Tampering

Vehicle Immobilization

Geographical Fencing

Location on Call

Jammer Detector

Parking Watch Dog

Customized Fencing

Weekly & Monthly Summary SMS

Ignition On Alert via SMS

Android & iOS Application

Web Access

Multiple Assets Tracking on Single Access

Location on Maps (Google & Vector)

Ignition On & Off Reporting

Movement History

Harsh Braking Alerts

Ideal Route Generator

Mileage Reporting

Speed Analysis

Driver Performance Analysis

Real Time Vehicle Tracking:

With real time tracking, you can locate any of your vehicles at any given time. Just knowing where vehicles and assets are located can provide comfort to business owners and Vehicle holders. A lost or stolen vehicle can create severe problems and will also be very costly. Our GPS tracking device can also monitor things like driver behavior and driver’s report. You can see if a driver speeds or harsh braking excessively. How long a driver has been behind the wheel can also be assessed to help monitor the problem.