Fixed & Moveable Assets

HAWK-i fuel level sensors measures fuel level in tanks of vehicles and stationery objects. It curtails fuel pilferage and fuel theft by keeping control on fuel consumption & fuel levels at all times. HAWK-i technical team has custom designed management protocols which provide fuel level status, temperature, work time and many other reports / analytical graphs. Life-changing decisions can be taken, which will help your company become more profitable and grow your business manyfold.


Nationwide Tracking

Nationwide Recovery Assistance

24x7 Call Center Support

Battery Tampering

Vehicle Immobilization

Geographical Fencing

Location on Call

Jammer Detector

Parking Watch Dog

Customized Fencing

Ideal Route Generator

Fuel Monitoring

Weekly & Monthly Summary SMS

Ignition On Alert via SMS

Android & iOS Application

Web Access

Multiple Assets Tracking on Single Screen

Fleet Summary Reports

Fuel Theft Alert

Trip Report with Duration / Mileage

Fuel Level Log Report

Fuel Level Graphical View

Temperature Log Report

Temperature Level Graphical View

High Temperature Level Alerts

High / Low Fuel Level Alerts

Ignition On & Off Reporting