Fleet management

We offer our role in vehicle tracking where we intend to combine the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles using software that is there collecting these specified fleet data so that we later use that for vehicle locations’ comprehensive picture. We believe in providing modern tracking services and our modern integrated systems commonly use GPS or GLONASS technology for the location of vehicles. We work with a technology where the vehicle information can be assessed and viewed on electronic maps through specialized software and the internet. Hawk-i realizes the need for vehicle tracking by the urban public transit authorities and the role they play in being an increasingly common user of vehicle tracking systems in particular in large cities like Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Multan.
Hawk-i also work over the historic methods of vehicle tracking and intends to accomplish vehicle tracking services’ benchmark by the installation of a box into the vehicle, either self-powered with wired into the vehicle’s power system or self-powered with a battery. We look forward to enhancing this method by driving our interest towards the emerging cell phone technologies that without a doubt are there providing tracking of multiple entities.
Hawk-i also let vehicle tracking systems play a role in the fleet operators for fleet management functions, this then involves fleet tracking, dispatching, routing, on-board information, and security. For our fleet management services, we bundle our vehicle tracking systems with or interface with the fleet management software. Besides commercial fleet operators, we use the technology for numerous purposes, these include route of service announcements for passengers, monitoring schedule adherence of buses in service, triggering an automatic change of destination sign displays of buses once the vehicle approaches the bus terminal, triggering pre-recorded bus stop, etc.
Our vehicle tracking systems are trusted by our client and consumer vehicles while playing a role as theft prevention, retrieval, and monitoring device. We allow our tracking services to be exceptional so that in cases of theft, it becomes easy for the police to simply follow the signal that is there emitted by the tracking system installed by us in the vehicle and locate the stolen vehicle. We also let our vehicle tracking system be used as a security system and thus serve as either or an additive feature as a replacement for the traditional car alarm. Hawk-i’s vehicle tracking systems make it possible to have control of the vehicle remotely that further including the blocking of doors or engines in case of an emergency. Our vehicle tracking device can further be used for the reduction of the insurance cost since there could be a significant drop in the loss-risk of the vehicle.

Our vehicle tracking services gather the following features:

Customized Fencing Android & iOS Application

Web Access

Multiple Vehicle Tracking on single Access

Location on Maps (Google & Vector)

Ignition On & Off

Reporting Movement History

Harsh Breaking Alerts

Ideal Route Generator

Mileage Reporting

Speed Analysis

Battery Tampering

Driver Performance Analysis

Nationwide Tracking

Nationwide Recovery Assistance

24x7 Call Center Support

Battery Tampering

Vehicle Immobilization

Geographical Fencing

Location on Call

Jammer Detector

Parking Watch Dog

Fleet management

SMS / Email Alerts

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