Cold Chain Monitoring

Monitor the temperature and humidity levels of your cold-chain vehicles and warehouses remotely. Regardless of the size of a company’s vehicle fleet and distribution network, perishable / pharmaceutical goods business operations are a nightmare due to their complex nature and the amount of information required.Remote temperature and humidity monitoring is a necessity for businesses that transport delicate goods over long distances. We partner with premier wireless and conventional temperature sensor manufacturers in order to monitor real time temperature levels and instant alerts generating in case of a threshold breach. Furthermore, these solutions can reduce fleet operating costs and ensure regulatory compliance for your fleet management needs.
For monitoring the fleet on the road, we enable the GPS and let it play a vital role in monitoring the progress of the deliveries and the cargo. In order to provide our clients with an effective cold chain management service, we use a special type of GPS that is there to be monitoring temperature and monitor both. We don’t get any basic GPS system installed since a basic GPS system cannot provide us and our clients with critical information like the truck’s temperature.
Cold chain monitoring is not an easy job, hence we recruit professionals and experts to provide our clients with this service. Even in the conditions where the refrigerated truck is set at a temperature, there are external factors that are encountered by the truck on the road and those factors for sure affect the ability of the truck to keep up the stability of the temperature. Hence, throughout the transport process, our managers get real-time updates on the cargo’s temperature. By providing this information to our clients, we assure them that we are there managing their cargo up to the temperature that was specified by them during the transport. This further leads to a positive working relationship in the future since it proves that we can meet the cold chain monitoring needs.
For the conditions where the worst could happen, we always ensure that there is a backup plan, the GPS that we will install for cold chain monitoring will allow us to act as fast prior to the drastic rise in the temperature that can further lead to the cargo to perish. Some of the common emergencies are power disconnection, engine issues that force the driver to stop, temperature fluctuations that expose the cargo to temperatures higher than the range allowed, container doors opened before the destination, heavy traffic, route deviations, and unscheduled stops. Hawk-i promises its clients to take care and act on every emergency like this that could occur.
On the whole, we offer our services for the monitoring of the humidity and temperature levels of our client’s cold chain vehicles as well as warehouses remotely. Our service doesn’t depend on the size of a company’s distribution network, vehicle fleet, pharmaceutical/perishable goods business operations are still very challenging because of the complex nature that they acquire and the amount of information that is required by them. Remote temperature and humidity monitoring is a requirement for the businesses that are there transporting delicate goods over long distances. In order to enhance our work, we partner with the conventional temperature sensor manufacturers a premier wireless sensors manufacturers so that the real-time temperature levels, as well as instantaneous alerts, are generated in case of threshold breach. Moreover, these solutions can therefore result in the reduction of the fleet operating costs and provide any assurance regarding the regulatory compliance for our client’s fleet management needs.

Cold Chain

SMS / Email Alerts (if Required)

Cold Chain Monitoring for Stationary Assets

SMS / Email Alerts (if Required)

These are some of the factors of our cold monitoring service:

Location on Maps (Google & Vector)

Ignition On & Off Reporting

Movement History

Ideal Route Generator

Mileage Reporting

Speed Analysis

Temperature / Humidity Monitoring

Door Open & Close Reporting

Nationwide Tracking

Nationwide Recovery Assistance

Tracking on Single Access

24x7 Call Center Support

Battery Tampering

Vehicle Immobilization

Geographical Fencing

Location on Call

Customized Fencing

Android & iOS Application

Web Access

Multiple Assets Tracking on Single Access

When your job site is 211 miles away and you’ve got over a million rupees’ worth of equipment at the site, who’s watching over it when you aren’t there? With all you have invested in trucks, excavators, backhoes and graders it’s crucial to keep track of your equipment day and night, 24/7.
Unique Track is a cost-effective global positioning satellite (GPS) communication solution that allows you to achieve superior asset management through a simple web interface.
Small, inexpensive communication modules are affixed to your equipment. These modules communicate with our network of geo-stationary GPS satellites. Critical asset management information is relayed from your equipment to our Network Operations Center (NOC). This proprietary data is stored in our secure NOC and is accessible through the Internet anytime, anywhere in the world.

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